Changes to the A330-300

I haven’t noticed the changes to the A330. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the app?

Hi there. Go to your App Store and check if you have the latest update installed firstly.

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Since when? There was an update a bit ago, but it was fairly minor, do you have the WOW air A330? (Or any of the other new ones that one’s just particularly notacible)


New features included:

  • Amazing new physics
  • Some new liveries
  • Wing flex
  • More detailed engines
  • Better cockpit (I think)

I updated but didn’t notice any changes

Check for new liveries such as WOW Air. That will mean you have the update and we can confirm that. You will notice new physics, wing flex, And new liveries.

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Did you ever fly it to begin with? If you did it would be obvious that it’s been changed, it’s like a new aircraft!


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