Changes needed to approach controlling

Does anyone feel that changes need to be made to the approach frequencies in ATC mode ?

I rarely bother with taking these now as pretty much every pilot within a 50 mile radius tunes to your frequency and makes pointless requests. Case in point, last night I took EGBB approach in the London region, within a few minutes I had about 7 aircraft on my frequency. Only two were actually coming into Birmingham airport and requesting ILS vectors (no problem), I had 2 departing asking for vectors to Gatwick and several more bothering me with pointless “with you” messages (again these aircraft were nowhere near Birmingham nor was it in their flight plan)

The clue is surely in the name "Birmingham Approach" If you are not approaching Birmingham then you should not be on the frequency sending inane messages ! Same goes for every other airport.

Perhaps it is time to reduce the number of messages pilots can send to an approach controller, so if as a pilot you tune to the approach frequency for a particular airport, you can only make vector and ILS requests to that airport and no others. Also let’s do away with the “with you” message pleeeeease !!!

Alternatively let’s add a clear message into approach ATC that you can send to pilots telling them that they should not be on this frequency if not approaching the airport in question.

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Was this on the Playground Server? If so, this is expected as both pilots and Controllers are learning…I must admit some people do take it too far!

Cheers :) @Simon_H

Yes, playground of course. Dying to take the test to become advanced ATC but don’t start me on that !

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Maybe on Birmingham Approach into a nearby airport…that surely would be in your radar coverage…oh well

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I believe that is why the controllers have the option to say, " unable to provide services" or something like that. I do not normally do ATC operations but I have heard it a few times.

Correct me if I am wrong too. I also understand that frustration. Unless you are within a 25 NM radius and your planning on landing at that specific airport you should not be saying anything just monitoring. Its always good to monitor the freq. just in case the approach controller whats to vector you on a different path hence maybe “flying over the field” (which should be an option for both pilots and ATCs Unicom and active freqs.

But to answer your question more in detail, they are new and do not now any better. that why there’s the check the help pages button for ATCs. Second it is a pain but we have to deal with it. that’s where the ATCs must educate as best as possible. Maybe end them to a different freq or just reply with the unable to provide services.

Hope this helps you keep at ease. I am just as frustrated cause I get the same thing when I am flying in te SOCAL region … lots of new rooks don’t know which approach to be on.

Good luck Happy flying!!

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