Changes in the A330/340 Flight Model

I was just wondering if the flight model of the A330/340 family was changed during the release of global. I use to fly the A330 quiet a lot and before the global release the Vr at LR weight was round about 150-165 Kts (Flaps 1+F). The final landing speed used to be 115-120kts (not really realistic but it worked) (Flaps Full).

After the global release it apperes that even with just 65% total load Vr is 175-185. That seems to me to be quiet a unrealistic increase of speed. Landing is the same. After global release final approach speed ist about 150-165kts wich is above the realistic approach speed of 125-145kts.

Am i doing something completely wrong or is it just a change a man can’t handle?


No changes have been made to the flight model, at least not that i’m aware of.
I’ve been flying the 330 quite a lot during Alpha/Beta testing and i can’t say i’ve experienced the problem you are describing.

Check your wight the handling will change with wight it could be because of fuel I noticed they change with wight has that’s what there dependent on

Allright thank you i’ll try to check the PAX and CARGO weight :)

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