Changes in game and IFC

Was wondering what i would do if i had the ability to change anything in game or IFC… what would u change if u had the ability to change anything in game or in IFC

Whoever speculates on updates will instantly disappear.


Change something, which will never happen

The ability to add editors on discourse, for example, Co-Hosts of events.

Disappear like POOF

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I would make beacon and strobe lights have this strong blink so the lights aren’t only dots without any effect

I think they are working on that w this update I THINK

Have the ability to let light actually emit light.

If I could change something about the IFC, I’d ban long question based threads that aren’t that productive, like this one.

Oh yeah, and I’d deduct XP from @RTG113’s account for every one of his bad landings, but that’s not an immediate need.


So @RTG113 wouldn’t have any XP? Kinda cruel tbh


This is basically the purpose of #features to discuss the items.