Changed Pronunciation in Settings, Infinite Flight Still Not Changing

Hi IFC, the title explains it well:

I recently changed the KLM pronunciation form “KILO-LIMA-MIKE” to “KLM”, and I’ve applied that change to all apps in settings->accessibility->speech->pronunciations, yet IF is still not following suit.

I also added the Royal Brunei pronunciation since we don’t have an RBI livery, yet same thing happening there too. It’s not changing!

Any help? Thanks in advance!

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I have the same issue. It only works on some devices, on some versions of iOS, and only on some occasions.
Edit: that made me tbink of a good feature request. I will link it here later once
I search/create it :)

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Have you downloaded all voices on your device, and have you set the pronounciatioj to “all voices”?

Yes, I’ve set the pronunciation to “all voices” under settings

And have you actually downloaded the voices? Particularly the one(s) you use in the sim.

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Yes same here, was not aware of this downloading process. Shouldn’t they already be in the sim?

And besides, if you’ve applied the pronunciation to all voices, I don’t see how downloading them individually should have any effect. It should change no matter what for any voice!

Infinite Flight takes the voices from iOS. But, to save space on your device, Apple only have the defaults for each language preinstalled on your device. Infinite Flight can’t access voices you haven’t downloaded.

Interesting, so would this make a difference if we downloaded the voices?

I would really like to use a Royal Brunei Callsign today with ATC (at least it’s supposed to be there) in Bandar Seri-Begawan int’l airport

Hey! I had a similar problem. Change your language to English (US) and English (UK). A blue checkmark should be next to both languages. The language determines how the phrase is read, which is a vital aspect to changing the pronunciation.

If that doesn’t work, would you mind sending a screenshot of the setting page over?


If you download a voice, Infinite Flight can access it. The more voices you download, subsequently the more you can hear on frequency.
So, if the voice you use in IF is downloaded, and it is set to “all voices” then it should work. Now I think about, if the voices are in IF and they sound different to one another, then they should be downloaded. So, I’m not to sure now.
Like I said ave, unfortunately, I think the last time this was guaranteed to work was iOS 9. With us now approaching iOS 14, it is starting to work for less and less people. I haven’t ever got it to work, but I have seen it work for others.

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Okay, so I tried to set the option to all the Englishes, as well as all the languages in general. Still doesn’t work:

What voice do you use in Infinite Flight?

Also, try turning off “Apply to all apps” and just choose Infinite Flight. After that, try choosing the two languages I mentioned above instead of all English languages.

Are you using an IF generated (Airline) KLM or are your typing KLM in your callsign?

I am typing both KLM and Brunei.

I am not sure if KLM works, but the Brunei one doesn’t because I’ve been testing that one

The phrase would still be “kilo lima mike” either way. Oh wait. @Aniket_Joglekar the phrase can’t be “BRUNEI” or “KILO LIMA MIKE.” For BRUNEI, change the phrase to “bravo…”. That’s the problem. The phrase is how it’s currently read by the voice system, not how you and I would read it.

For your KLM callsign, the phrase should be “kilo lima mike” with the pronunciation as “K L M”
For you BRUNEI callsign, the phrase should be “bravo romeo uniform November echo indigo”


Okay, just just changed it to that, let me check now

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Ahh! Success! It works like a charm, can’t wait to fly in this Callsign!

Thank you so much for all your help!


Oh really? I still can’t get it?

Glad to help! Pronunciations are a pain but once you get them to work, they can be really fun. Enjoy!

@InfiniteFlightDeck read my last post above, that should help. If you have any further questions, I’d be happy to help you out in a PM.

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Wow, Thanks Luca, it works perfectly fine now :)

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