Changeable pilots

I’d like to see the ability to to choose the pilots, not just the female captain and male FO.

A request like this has been requested previously and closed.
Not really sure this would be something FDS would but time into but idk.

Sorry, probably not going to happen. It’s been closed because it likely wont be added.

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Am I the only one who doesn’t like the pilots in the cockpit it’s freaky just sat looking straight ahead I’d like a option not to have them in they at all


I’d prefer no pilots! Then you can use your imagination 😂

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I heard they didn’t want to get to political, but every captain so far is female. Is that sexist? I’m sure it would be if it’s a Male!

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The founder is a female, yes I agree that of course it is sexist and if anybody disagrees, tell me why? Every great company makes serious mistakes…I believe this is theres in the making.

Let’s calm down about the sexism and focus more on the feature request ok? We’re a happy community :)


Agreed we are. It may not be intentional and I am sure it is not, I love this community but I have to be true to the issue at hand. All pilots are female. That is a fact. What if the sim pilot in RL who plays is a male…its an issue yes?

Thank you, a balance would be nice. I think it’s the small things that make a game great! :)

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Instead of having the ability to switch pilots, I present a harder yet better idea (in my opinion. What if FDS creates a series of pilots from all around the world and we could get to choose from them when we start our flight.


Thank you for the feedback. There is no alternative agenda in the placement of our flight crew, simply a design decision made for each model by developers. Since adding these characters to our fleet you’ll find them in a couple configurations which will continue to vary as the aircraft all reach the same level of detail.

In an effort to save votes, this has been closed, as it is not a feature request we have plans to implement at this time. I appreciate you all voicing your opinion!