Change username option disappeared?

When I signed up, I had the option to change my username. It looks like it’s disappeared at this point. Is there somewhere under account settings that you can change your username?

No you can only change this by asking a Moderator


Thanks! I had started to change my username after I first signed up (it had given me the option under my account settings) but not anymore. It said you could change your username once. Weird!

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You’re able to change your username when your a New member. I believe you lose that ability once you have become a Basic user or Member user in your situation. Shoot me a PM if you haven’t sent another mod one already, and I can change your username for you. 🙂


Got it. That makes sense.

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From what i remember, you can only change your username once, or at least that is what Schyllberg told me

I forgot to log out of my VA account, this is @Noah_P talking

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Everything has been squared away. Thanks!

Hello, you can only change it when you are are a new user. However, it can be made 0 by an administrator like below


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