Change Unrealistic “Ready for Takeoff“ Phraseology

Sooo… This is something so small and yet so important. And there are not many people know that this rule actually exists.

@ATK did a great job looking for all the documentation that proofs it.

Infinite Flight is a simulator. Therefore, it should strive for as much realism as possible. And this small change will bring new realism to the game.

So, here I go again. Pushing my own suggestion. Yeah. Not cool. I know, I know. But tbh, who would be looking for that kind of stuff on purpose? I mean, it’s so unknown that this is even a rule. And I’ve been promoting this since 2015! Don’t expect me to give up so fast 😂 (<— that’s supposed to be a laugh emoji)


Bumping this since it will make Infinite Flight that little bit more realistic, and we all like to have as much realism as possible inside Infinite Flight :)


Well, thank you!

I can only refer to ATKs post from June. He provided the documentation from FAA and EASA that shows that it’s indeed right to request for “departure” instead of “take off”.

I hope that this change will be made at some point soon especially as one of IFs founders is a pilot herself. ✈️

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I like this. Would also be nice if wind info is added in the takeoff/landing clearance for the sake of realism.

It’s not just wind. It can also be RVR and traffic advisories.

There’s another suggestion for that 😊


IRL I just call up tower and say “Skyhawk 685DW ready at 18.” It’s as simple as that. If you are at a runway the tower kinds gets a feeling that you want to take off. I don’t think it’s that unrealistic because they just added the “for takeoff” part.


Yeah but it’s not about that. The word “takeoff” is only supposed to be used when the plane is cleared for it. This is in order to avoid possible deadly confusions like the one that happened when two 747s collided on Tenerife. Here’s the documentation of FAA:

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Yeah but I mean if you listen to live ATC, you hear ready for takeoff all the time because it’s not very strict. At my airport I’ve called in “5DW ready” and gotten away with it :P Sometimes the controller at my airport gets lazy and doesn’t even approve freq. change because he knows that I know what I’m doing… To be fair I do actually know the guy a bit, but still.

Well if you don’t use proper R/T that’s when misunderstandings happen. Not really a good advertisement for your local airport if that’s what happens there.


It’s usually just me in the pattern with no other traffic 🤷🏻‍♂️ when it’s like that we keep it less formal

Utterly irrelevant that there are no others in the pattern. Do not fall in to bad habits, especially at an early stage. There is a reason there are specific phrases and terms used which you need to understand.


The good old days when I had to use my moms Facebook account to see infinite flight news about the next update

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I disagree. I think if you’re alone it’s only yourself that you’re responsible for at that point, especially if you’re just in a C172. If you were in a larger jet that’d be a different issue. The point is, real life is actually more casual than IF. People got along fine before ATC was even a thing if they were trained well enough, and if I feel that I’ve been trained well enough I don’t feel the need to be extra formal. I think this relates to the topic because IF is more formal than the real world the way it is right now. Not saying that’s a bad thing, just pointing it out.

Couldn’t disagree more. Proper radio calls are not for you, they’re for the other pilots in your area. Just because you’re a 172 alone in the pattern at a Unicom has no bearing on the quality of your radio usage.

What scares me is that this complacent attitude is coming from a student pilot. Perhaps some remediation in the 5 hazardous attitudes would be useful.


Not a Unicom, it’s a towered airport. If someone is inbound to the airspace, they have to announce it.
I would never be casual in uncontrolled airspace as there could be someone flying without radios around.

You got your vote from me! Even though it doesn’t matter too much in the world of Infinite Flight, it would be nice to see changed. Good request!

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Even though this would be a very subtle change, it’s these type of requests that add the extra realism into Infinite Flight.


Still grinding my gears 😬


Yes, 100% needed. ATC comms on IF is something that always bugs me.i will clear a vote!