Change Unrealistic “Ready for Takeoff“ Phraseology

There is one thing that is bothering me since the the first day of Live ATC in Infinite Flight. It’s something I mentioned years ago when the community didn’t even exist yet but also something that still hasn’t been changed even though it’s a No Go in real world ATC communications.

At the moment, when you’re requesting departure in Infinte Flight it sound likes that:

Wrong (Current)

Los Angeles Tower, TestFlight 1, ready for takeoff at runway 25L, departing straight out“.

The word „Takeoff“ is only supposed to be used for the actual clearance for takeoff. This was introduced years ago after the collision on Teneriffa in order to prevent accidents that may be caused through confusion because some pilots may misunderstand an ATC instructions and take off without a clearance.

It is supposed to be phrased like that:

Realistic (Suggestion)

Los Angeles Tower, TestFlight 1, ready for departure at runway 25L, departing straight out

TestFlight 1, Runway 25L, cleared for takeoff

Cleared for takeoff, Runway 25L, TestFlight 1

Personally, I think that this change would make the communication way more realistic.

Yes. Ready for departure :)


Exactly. And because Infinite Flight strives for realism, that’s something important.


@Marc, you just taught me something new about aviation. I didn’t know pilots announce ready for departure. Wow! :)


What if they remain pattern? Then it is just a takeoff.


You have a point there, and an vote from me (:


This adds a lot of realism just by a tiny bit of editing to the ATC! Sadly, I’m out of votes tho.


A great idea! Although FDS wants to make IF more realistic, most TS and CS flyers don’t really even use the ATC. I like you idea, I just can’t see this coming anytime soon. Good luck though! 👍


@Marc. Your right on & got my vote … MaxSez: Been watching, This Topic got my attention. “Departure” for Pilots since Tenerife. “Take Off” is reserved for ATC & read back. Common usage world wide, precludes confusion the root cause of the biggest Pilot Error ever, not in the AIM but noted in ICAO radiotelephone PDF. Don’t like it try this;
“Tower… I request your consent to leave the cement.” Watching… G’day…


Pet Peeve :D. IF does strive for realism, and with every small tweak and change they make, it gets more realistic, This is just something i think flew over their heads.


Learned something new. I didn’t know the term ready for the departure was in fact used instead of ready for takeoff


considering we have just seen the anniversary of Tenerife it’s certainly a well time suggestion. this isn’t about being pedantic, it is about understanding that the last thing you want at a critical stage of flight is any confusion over what is being requested or instructed - something very apparent at Tenerife. It’s about understanding fundamentally how and why things are done in a certain way to reduce risks.

irrelevant what you are doing, you need to understand why certain words are used, see above


@Marc This would be awesome if they change it. Just a little bit of editing will need to be done.


I really don’t know anything about programming a game, so I can’t say if it would be only a small adjustment.

But it’s definitely something that would worth it. As I said, it’s an essential rule in ATC communication. Plus, the „Ready For Takeoff“ message is probably one of the most used ones. Correcting it would be a great step towards more detailed realism.

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Voted. This has been bugging me for a while.


Voted! This has been a (minor) annoyance for a while now.


I’d like to bump this one up again before the next update, even though it’s not always welcomed to bump up own suggestions.

This one however, is a minor change with a big impact on realism. It’s literally one single word, but in reallife this word can make the difference between life and dead. Misunderstandings happen very fast.


I don’t know much about how the airliner guys do it, but honestly we are always requesting takeoff. Once we get off the ground is when they clear us for departure. And that is at both military and civilian airports.

You got my first vote since I have been apart of the community. I would hate to see this engraved into people. Tought me somthing new too. Thank you.

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It has a more practical usage that could be benifical for the Tower controller and the pilot if this were to be changed. With multiple requests coming at someone it would help if the same logic that is used in the real world to avoid avoidable conflicts, could be brought into Infinite Flight, like you said.