Change the way aircraft moves once touched down

Gday everyone,

I looked around for this topic and there were a few that are similar but they’re more to do with how the rudder works. If any admins know of a duplicate please let me know :)

It was hard to word this request properly but what I’m talking about is how the aircraft will hit the ground, then immediately (And sometimes quite violently) move the way the wheels are facing, instead of sliding forward the initial direction of the plane. This happens regardless if the nose gear has touched down or not.

This mostly occurs during crosswind landings but sometimes even a minor rudder movement before touchdown can have an effect and make staying on the centreline difficult.

In real life, the force of the plane moving in a particular direction will cause the rear gear to slide in that direction instead of immediately causing the plane to turn.

I understand that this is a huge thing to add but it would make crosswind landings way more realistic and therefore fun.



Like whenever I see plane spotting videos. Every time you land the gears touchdown right away. In Infinite Flight it takes a lot of time. Voted!