Change the view from ATC to Paris

Hi everyone, so today I did a little ATC training session in Paris, and I noticed a little problem with my eyesight.

( 2 image)

And normally, this view is supposed to represent the betting control tower.
So, with google map, I’m going to show you the place where I am right now :

And here is the real CDG tower

So there you go, I know that for some, this is completely useless, but understand that as an ATC Tower / Ground, we must have a complete vision of the airport because we can’t help ourselves only with radar screens.

Sorry to have put more than one image, but I hope you understand.

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Hi! I have not seen this type of features request, so not sure if this belongs in this category. I would say #general or #support would work better.

For the issue, you can use the free cam to position yourself wherever you want in the meantime!

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This would be a job for Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET). They sometimes take requests.

You can join them here!

I’ll bring this over to the AET slack.

Edit: That won’t be needed.

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This isn’t an error. CDG has multiple control towers due to it’s huge size. One tower controls the north of the airport and the other controls the south I think.

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It may be an old tower or something else, but the main control tower is not here.

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This tower is used.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s an issue…because even charts say so.

The north tower is marked but not the south tower…so I’m assuming that the north one is the main one?

As airport editors work with charts, this is what the editor redoing CDG must have seen at the time.


There are 4 control towers at CDG:

  • Control Tower Center
  • Control tower North
  • Control tower South
  • Control Tower East Apron
    Therefore, it makes sense that in IF the tower is places where the Center tower is as it’s probably the most important one.
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In this case, as much as possible make it possible to use all four towers.

That would be difficult. Maybe you can create a feature request if you want it that badly. I have controlled at CDG in the past and it’s been fine. If you wish to see the whole airport use the “ATC High” view.

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