Change the System of Violation/Report

Hey all i hope you’ll going good,

I come here for a new request about Violation and Report System in Infinite Flight.

Why i request that ?

If i request that is not just for me but for all of the pilot, i think this system is nor really “realist”, let me explain ;

Although I don’t like to make comparisons I haven’t seen this kind of system in any simulator yet. And if this kind of system exists in some simulators it is only with IVAO or VATSIM or maybe other but here are the two main ones I know. Never, let’s take the example of MFS2020, I’ve only seen one that couldn’t fly in multiply mode because it was overspeeded below 10,000 feet.

What we can do for change ?

So Infinite Flight for me what you have to do to improve this system I find, be it ATC and ONLY as an expert who can judge because of report/ghost, a small example (I fall asleep, I put on my VNAV and I don’t wake up in time, if ATC sees that I’m offline he leaves me alone on the other hand if he sees that I’m online he gives me a sign that he’s going to warn me) I think it could be a good system.

Think about the new player

I think we should also think about the fact that some players arrive in EXPERT, they are very happy to finally have this grade 3 that they allow them to play as an expert but he takes a violation when he arrives because he put the VNAV and he was not online, imagine also someone who just took a subscription for 1 year to the game and who makes ghost for a year, for me it will be 84.99 € to the “trash” because I can not play in the desired mode of play.

I hope you go take this in consideration, and hope you understand that i don’t says bad about the game but just make a request that can be good for the future of Infinite Fligth

Have a great day !

Baptiste Desmet

Hey! Thanks for your insight.

Infinite Flight relatively recently made a huge overhaul to the ghosting system to make it more transparent and easier for players who have received reports to access the Expert server once again.

If this is your primary concern, let me just say that descending towards an airport is a critical phase of flight, and your attention should not be diverted. That’s why, even in the user guide, it’s recommended to not set or arm your VNAV until you’re a few NM out from your top-of-descent.

The current violation system is pretty fair, given the share of abuse and trolling we’ve seen over the years on Expert - and indeed, the antics we even see now on the Training server.

That’s what makes Infinite Flight different (and more realistic) right? In the real world, there are rules and regulations for flying. The sim just strives to emulate that as much as possible.


You should never arm VNAV then go sleep or shopping, only arm VNAV if you are present and 1 minute before the TOD point

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The Expert server is for experienced professional pilots only, if anyone could access ES and there where no violations and boundaries, it would be a mess, if anyone wants to fly freely and takeoff on the taxiway they can do it on the casual server where violations are not enforced. You can basically fly on the casual server freely and not receive any violations


To be restricted from ES for a year means that someone had been given five Level 3 violations.

Someone who gets that number of Level 3 violations, to be honest, really needs to learn how to behave well before being part of the Expert Server. It’s not a “pay and you can enter” club. You’ve to earn and keep your spot there.


Okay they are a rules and regulation but just imagine you paid for 1 year and you are just ghosted, it happened to me and I almost got out of the game.

I’ve already seen people as an expert who drove like a Casual

That’s the pilots fault. First the shouldn’t arm van and if they don’t they don’t really belong to be flying on expert. Also ppl shouldn’t be flying on expert if they don’t know much which is why they should read the tutorial thing if they don’t know Much. So I disagree with the request I’m sorry.

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Ok as usual we can’t cooperate well without people finding only goods done, let me close this TOPIC.


@Baba I can understand your point of view. However, there are many pilots out here which want the highest possible realism. If the ATC couldn’t remove trolling-pilots the expert server would become like the casual. Violations need to have some weight and I think the current violation system is pretty good. We can even issue a level 1 violation and it just disconnects you out of the server.


You still have Training, Casual and Solo to fly on, along with tons of different types of aircraft, liveries, and the entire world to explore - just saying.


Yeah but in term of “Community” they are no “Event” by the Staff created on the Training Server they are no ATC schedules, you know what i mean?

If you want to do a long flight or plan to go sleep for your 15 hours journey, do it in the training server. No risks of reporting or violation :p


There’s actually quite a few events on TS. You should take a look in #live:events - there’s now even a subcategory/tag for events on their respective servers. Even the majority of Friday Night Flights (FNFs) are scheduled for ALL servers, not just Expert.

ATC schedules are decided on Expert by Tyler. If you want to request ATC for your event on Training, you can do so here:

I’m also gonna quote what Seb had said to an old topic regarding something similar:

“You can’t have the cookie and eat it too.”

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