Change the pilot's male voice

hi, can someone tell me if you can change the driver’s voice to male?

Have you tried heading towards the settings and find options on the “Live” section?

Yeah! You can! Just go to Settings>live>bottom 3 settings,

You can change gender, voice, pitch.

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thank you for the information.

strange that I do not find it though.

You cannot find it? Strange, can you provide a screenshot of the settings page in Infinite Flight?

Try downloading voices, perhaps?

From the support FAQ, for Android:
On October 8th, Google pushed an update for their TTS (text to speech) application used in many Android phones. This update can in some cases cause ATC voices to stop working for Infinite Flight. To resolve this issue, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Text to speech output -> Install voice data.

Remove all voices that are possible to remove, then download & install them again. Specifically the English options. That should do the trick!

Note :
Depending on Android version, your TTS settings could be placed a bit differently. If you can’t find them using the steps above, try:
Settings -> General Management -> Language input -> Text to speech -> Cogwheel next to your preferred TTS engine.

For iOS:
With Apple’s recent release of iOS 13 for iPhones and iPadOS for iPads, some users are experiencing an issue where their voices are missing from their Infinite Flight in-app settings. If you are experiencing this please follow the steps below:

1.) Go to your device Settings -> Accessibility -> Voice Over -> Speech -> Voice
2.) Once here you will see tables for voices broken down by English (US, Australia, India, Ireland, etc.)
3.) Download the voices by clicking on the cloud icon with the arrow that points downward found on the right of the voice name. Pro Tip: You have to click on each voice and then tap on the cloud icon to download.

After you have the voices installed on your device go ahead and restart your device & then launch Infinite Flight. You should now see the list of select-able voices under your Live Settings for both Pilot and ATC.


Do you not see this?

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and I miss something, I try to do the trick thanks for the help

it worked thanks a lot


No worries! Hope you enjoy your new selection of voices. Happy flying!

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Thanks everyone!