Change the old liverys with some new ones

Hey IFC so do you think Infinite flight should change the old liverys like saying airlines that dont run any more. And bring in new liverys? leave your thoughts in the comments.

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There’s #features for this reason, if they decide to remove the older livery’s that’s there call. Look at the A359 there’s like 25+ livery’s i believe, i don’t think it’s the amount of livery’s, they just add the more known ones for the most part, and in what seems to be more of the case, they add almost all of the current aircraft livery’s that would be there in IRL so

This doesn’t belong in features, actually. He’s asking members of the community what their opinion on old liveries is.

Tyler Shelton made a great post a while back that sums up my thoughts on this topic.


See topic linked by Alex