Change the loading screen

So, in other games while you are loading into the game, you are able to change the loading screen. So this feature I am requesting is to have an option in settings to change the loading screen to one of IF many great picture ideas. We have all seen the pictures on the loading screen, and maybe our favorites aren’t there anymore, but with this feature we can have them back!!!

(I couldn’t find a topic like this)

This could be cool. Maybe even connecting it to a website where users can submit photos and having a random one show up each time?

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Yea that would work too

I could see this as a nice way to bring change to the game!

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Nice way to personalize the game, however I don’t foresee that anyone will free up a vote for this, being that it’s such a minor detail. Doesn’t mean that we don’t want it though! Fun idea!😁

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