Change the E-Jet names in the aircraft selection screen

The ERJs are the ERJ 135, ERJ 140 and ERJ 145, aircraft we don´t have (yet), while the E-Jets are the E-170, E-175, E-190 and E-195, so they should be changed.
Please, don´t move this to Features, its an issue with the description, so it belongs to Support.


I’m actually thinking about that: IS THIS A BIG DEAL? + you might be wrong. Because ERJ means Embraer Regional Jets. As long as I know, 170, 175 and 190 are regionals, too.
E-Jets means “Embraer Jets”. So ERJ is accurate for all these.

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Kind of, the ERJ is a different family when compared to the E-Jet family.


These aircrafts are all regionals… So, no.

I see both sides. They both make sense. Although, in my opinion, if it’s name is E170/75/90/95 then that’s what it should be. I also agree that it doesn’t matter that much.


The difference between the 2 was enough for Embraer to give them two different names: ERJ and E-Jet.


Irl, ATC often says “Following a regional jet” so ERJ is still accurate. But I understand your point. You should keep it for yourself :)


Its the name the manufacturer gave to the aircraft, so it should be changed. Just for the sake of accuracy.


I had this discussions before with several aviation enthusiast and it was confirmed officially that the correct way is saying E-170/175/190/195, I had always thought it was ERJ

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And because the manufacturer states that the name is E-170 etc…

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