Change the color of the engine exhaust pipe on the B777s

This is a small detail so if it doesn’t get fixed, it’s alright. In case you don’t know what I’m taking about, here are some photos to show:

BA B777-300ER in real life:

BA B777-300ER in IF:

If you look closely you’ll notice that the color of the back of the engine is different in the two photos. In real life it’s a nice silver color but in IF it looks like it’s extremely old. Some B777 do have the same thing as IF but they’re mostly B777-200/200ERs. The 300ERs and B777F’s all have the silver color which looks much nicer. Also just to clarify, the 200ERs don’t need to be changed because that’s what they look like in real life. Like I’ve said before, this is a minor detail so it is by no means a priority. It just bothers me when I see the brownish color on the engine. This is just another detail that will make the 300ER/Freighter aircrafts even more realistic when the rework is finished.


who knows with the 777 re work in progress, your OCD might just be fulfilled …lol

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I really don’t see how this is that important. And some BA 777s do actually have that dark exhaust color. It just has to do with age and cleaning.

It’s true I do have OCD

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Yes and that’s why the older 200ERs have them. And this is not just a BA thing, most 300ERs have the silver exhaust. For example, most Cathay Pacific 300ERs have the silver exhaust. But like I said at the start, this is a minor detail so it won’t matter too much if it’s not fixed

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The absence of the GE logo is way more bothersome to me. I don’t rlly think they will rework that, but I don’t really care if they do or not. Not anything that deserves a feature request imo