Change the color of aircraft icon on the mini-map

This feature request is about improving HUD minimap utilization when
flying around busy airspaces, by changing aircraft’s icon color.

Hi everyone,

When flying around busy airspaces during events, or when taking off\landing on areas condensed with airports close to one another - it is very difficult to differentiate between the airports and other aircrafts on the minimap because they are all in the same color.

Aircrafts, airports and airspace boundaries are all blue.

For me, at least, it’s very hard to maintain situational awareness, follow ATC sequencing instrusctions and keep proper separation when everything is just one big blue spot on the map.

So my suggestion is to change the color of aircrafts, at least on the HUD minimap, to a color that gives better visual contrast between aircrafts and airports. I’m not too much into programming but intuitively it seems rather easy to implement such change, and in my opinion the benefits are well worth it.

What do you think?

But you can tell quite easily whether an icon is a plane or an airport.

An airport is a circular-shaped icon.
A plane is a…plane-shaped icon :)

This isn’t really needed!


Have you ever tried to land with 50 pilots around you and another 50 on the ground? It’s a mess and you can’t see anything.

Well zoom in on the minimap.

Like @BennyBoy said, this really isnt needed.

Kind regards,
IFATC George Flack


This is exactly what i’d like to avoid - handling the map while I need my focus on ATC instructions and flying the plane.

Anyway, if I have to explain and it’s not self evident as I thought, maybe i’m the only one that’s disturbed by that.

Thank you both for the input.
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