Change the Amount of Pictures!

This is a big pet peeve of mine in the IFC, you can only put 10 pictures in a post under the #screenshots-and-videos category. I believe that there shouldn’t be a limit, or have the limit be like 50. I think this because it shows how awesome the games is, and people want to share that on here with other IF players! It lets others show there cool adventures on IF, through this awesome community! Having a limit, makes it hard to share those journeys. That’s why, I’d like to see some sort of change. Please vote if you feel like this is needed!


Well that is a lot of I gigabytes

Storage on the IFC cost money. The more photos people upload, the more storage they have to buy. Making the game more expensive (wink wink @CaptainZac)


Not a bad idea in my opinion

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It does take a lot of storage to allow people 50 photos in their topics. IF does have to pay to use the Discourse service and occupy storage space.

I could see maybe 15 if a change were to take place


It’s not quite that easy.
There’s a very good reason we have that limit.

And to be entirely honest, i can’t think of any reason to have a limit that high. This isn’t Tumblr :)


Yeah, 15 or 20 seems reasonable. 15 is a much better limit tho

It could also come to quality over quantity.

Often I find myself having to find ways to make ten pictures of my flights lol. I want my topics to be worth seeing.

I think 10 is pretty solid though, especially considering how many screenshot topics are made per day


Take this the correct way now, but you’re thinking in too “small” terms.
Upping the limit to 15 would mean a 50% increase. Setting the limit to 20 would mean a 100% increase.

The reason for this limit are primarily storage limitations.

This can’t be said enough.


I mean IF does make a ton of money if you think about it. Over 10,000 IFC members with around 75% of them having IF subscriptions. They pay $10 a month. That’s a lot of money!

I could be wrong though

Those numbers are not even remotely true.
And you’re not thinking about the costs that already exists.

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Like I said, I could be wrong. I didn’t think about the other cost expenses either.

Always assume there’s a price for everything. Because there is.
Servers, imagery, development, licensing, staff, maintenance, PR/Marketing, inflation etc etc.

And yet our prices remains the same as they did 5 years ago ($10 in 2017 when we last adjusted the price are worth $12,34 today).

So to summarize;
We won’t be able to increase the limit at this point. We have some long-term ideas in terms of this platform that may change that in the future, but those are only ideas in the cloud at this point.


Yeah IF hasn’t raised the price in years, and I hope they don’t raise them at all!

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