Change the aircraft

I only have 1 IAP, the B777-300ER. Can I change it to a B787-900? (So I do not have the B777 anymore but only the 787-9)

euuuh… nope


🤔, you are asking for a change purchase? I’m not sure you can… and maybe if you want help (but I’m sure you can’t) should post this in support…

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I have a half eaten banana. Can I change it for a fresh orange?


Ow lol. I cleaned the B777-300ER on the inside and outside. And also removed the paint.😝

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I think this humor is bad on this topic xD

The 787-900 is sadly no longer existent on IF anymore. If you want a 787 there are the 787-8/-9/-10.

No you cannot trade your purchase. If you want the 787-9 you should save up your money to purchase it.

depends how long you’ve had it I think 90 days and you can request a refund