Change SWA 737-700 Heart Livery Tail Registration

I didn’t see one like this. If it is irrelevant and/or already suggested, let me know

I have come to ask that the Heart Livery of the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 be changed. A very small change indeed, but has bothered me for a while.

Why? The registration in real life has been assigned to a 737-3H4


If FDS could please change the tail registration to a 737-7H4’s registration, that’d be great.


There is also no Heart on the bottom of the fuselage. “Without a heart, its just a machine.”


Shots fired. I repeat, shots have been fired.


That also needs to be added!

I love your sense of humor

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This is very actually quite entertaining. Although has this been confirmed by the company? I agree that every speck of detail should be noticed but sometimes what you see on the internet may not be true.

While there are some more important/necesarry (can’t be bothered to spell that right) things that all my votes are spent on, being a huge Southwest fan I’d definitely LUV to see this fixed. I may come back and vote later on ;)


Also, this aircraft was never, and I repeat NEVER painted in the Heart Livery. So this DEFINITELY neeeds to be here. (Even though it is tiny)


Like Siri, but in all seriousness this is a great feature. FDS could even put it in the next update. About the Heart, only 2 planes in the entire SWA fleet have hearts underneath the fuselage.

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And those planes are called HeartOne and HeartTwo

That is incorrect. I believe the heart is on all new livery planes.

Oh. My bad. It’s ok.

Let’s get back on topic

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Well they add customized registrations for other aircraft that are named after the mods. Is it really a big deal?

Yes it is… Mods can have the Generic or FDS liveries (I call the 2018 FDS Livery)

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I see what you did there

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Well two updates later and this has not been resolved dissapointed to say the least…

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Yeah I would like to see this changed in one of the next updates

Hello. My name is Marc, I’ll be your supporter today.

As it was indicated by Matthew in this reply for another topic, it seems like that it’s currently not possible to add this heart bottom to the 737 livery. And because it’s an older model it might be more difficult to change a little detail like the registration. Just wait for the rework. I’m sure this request will be reviewed.

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