Change settings from Metric to US Customary (aka kgs to lbs, c to F, and so on)

Is there settings to select lbs on ac weight
And atmospheric C to F?

Pilots and ATC all use the metric system because it’s just the universal system for everyone. US customary is only used in 3 countries in the world (I believe)


Unfortunately Sparky, there is no setting to do so, as pilots and ATC use the metric system.

@Sparky…MaxSez… Welcome to the Forum Sparky? Capt Hope answered yr question above. Technically metrics are required by ICAO. Suggest you download a Copy of the free “Pilots Handbook” or the “Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” from You’ll find most of your trivial and technical aviation question answered here. Regards


Thanks all, but really the ability to see pounds (act weight and fuel) was my primary goal. I understand metric use ( knots and nautical miles). But in USA aircraft weights and fuel are in Lbs. that’s all… Thanks for the welcome! Pretty cool app…

@Sparky… MaxSez… Note metrics are used in IF’s loading. See the Weight &Balance scales listed for each IF aircraft selected. The factors for fuel, Pax’s & Gross etc are listed as Kg. Not Lbs. in most Commercial aircraft the load factors are converted automatically to Metric in most cases by on board avionics. On most GA with just a 6 pack the converstion is done useing the graphs in the POH,
Good question and Professional Knowledge Gained.

(As an old refueler in the US I pumped Avfuel & charged by the Lbs. The receiver did the math, as required)

@ItsPerses… Max Sez… Do Controllers use Ground Speed (MPH) or Air Speed (Knt)? when computing time/distance. Just asking?

@Sparky For your fuel problem…:
Select and aircraft, select your departure and arrival, fuelplanner will then calculate the fuel in pounds.

Then, search for lbs to kg, put the pounds in the lbs section, and it will show you the fuel in kg!

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