Change reg aircraft number

The ability to freely change the aircraft Reg.

I want to fly with the aircraft number of my choice.

Well I am assuming you mean having your own callsigns

That was removed last year

Evolution of the Display Name | Infinite Flight

No, I 100% think he means the registration at the end of the tail


And about those registrations, I think this is a very good idea to not see the same registration if you are for example together at the gate with the same livery


Ah alright

Well about that we may or may not see it happen because the developers would have to code something which will allow the livery to stay but the registration number to change

The best we got now is the registration change in the A330 cockpit

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The aircraft number is fixed for each aircraft, so if you can change the aircraft number, everyone can fly the aircraft of their choice😄

Thank you😁

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I’m just trying to figure out how they would implement this. Knowing next to nothing about how the IF internals work, It might be possible as was previously stated if they managed to somehow keep the livery but change the registration. This would require a big change since the registration is (to my knowledge) hard coded into the mesh.

I’m sure it’s difficult 😓but this feature is something that other simulators don’t have, so I️ think it would be a breakthrough if it could be done.😁

By the way, how do you determine the aircraft number in IF?

what do you mean? the registraton? thats in real life

Greetings @EP-IAC747,

The feature your suggesting does sounds nice. However, it wouldn’t be relevant to the game. I know its just a number and some letters, but from my knowledge the aircraft registration number wouldn’t be beneficial nor effect the aircraft so I don’t see why the developers would add it. I would love to hear your thoughts.



The thing is - this would be monumentality difficult - they have a change the entire livery format so that the registration can be a user choice and then find a way to make that work in multiplayer so everyone sees everyone’s choice registration.

TL:DR; It’s likely a lot harder than it sounds.

This is a duplicate.

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Thank you!!