Change pro

Make it so that global (at least) and all the planes are in non pro infinite flight. Maybe even multiplayer. I can’t get pro and I REALLY want to play global multiplayer in a dash 8 or a 777. PLEASEE

There’s a reason it’s like that. Data they use costs money. To stream it constantly. As well as paying the staff because they have families. And servers are expensive. So their business model you could call it is like that, you buy the initial game and get small places here and there around the map and few planes. The pro subscription unlocks the whole world and all the planes in the Sim:)

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Infinite Flight are using programs that costs money and the Developers need get paid. So it need to be like it is.

Still. At least make it so that global and all planes are non pro! Like seriously. Multiplayer and ATC, sure leave that with pro but yeah

If not then please have an computer generated ATC and some computer generated planes too. Sorry but it’s true

Consideration taken. However, like Alphadog said, these services cost money. To run the data servers, pay developers, bring you more quality content, etc. all cost money. If anyone is able to find a way to get the government or some other entity with a lot of money to fund this then maybe, just maybe we’ll have a shot at seeing something to what you’re proposing. But until then its unlikely.