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Hi guys! I hope the theme I put in is fine, if not, change it. Well my question is the following: If I change my phone, and, obviously, I log in with my gmail with the cial I bought IF, how do I get back to my account? If anyone can pass and catch the step by step, I would be grateful

You are, unfortunately, unable to change between Apple and Android. As they are using different operating systems, app stores and purchasing systems. However if you change from say the iPhone 8 to the X that should be fine. Same goes for Andriod.

Oh no! Is android and android.

But, then, should I pay IF again? (I mean for the installation, not the subscription)

As long as you sign in using the same email it should be fine.

Then, when I install the application, will it appear “free”?

It should say, “Install Again”, if you log in using the same email

Ok, thanks you. And then, will appear this?: Screenshot_20190715-175241

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You’ll need to log back into Infinite Flight but your subscription shouldn’t be effected

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Ok, thanks.

Your subscription will remain the same but you will have to repurchase the app itself from the app store

mmmm, you sure?

I’m pretty sure you’d have to cough up 5 more usd to apple to get in on your new iPhone if you came from android

but my purchase is Android Android

Simply sign back into the same Google account that you used to originally purchase infinite flight. Then sign back in to the same account on infinite flight which you normally use.

Correct. New phone is not the problem, but the phone OS is.

If you stay on the same phone OS (Android in this case), and you use the same Google account, you have already purchased the app and you should be able to download it again.

The IF subscription is phone OS independent

ok thanks.

Sorry I didnt read it correctly. Yes if android to android is what you are doing you’ll be fine. I thought you were getting an iPhone

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