Change of log in

Would like to change the way I log in such as not using Facebook but gmail instead ? Is this possible and if so can you please direct me to the right place ?


… thanks then…

You will have to make a new account. Press your profile image (top right), logout, and log in again using Facebook.

Actually I’m using IF with my Facebook and want to change that to Gmail .
Is this possible ?

Ok, so firstly press fly online, in the top right press your display name, top right again press log out and then you will be able to log back in again using Facebook.

Before that
Are you talking about the forums or your Live account ?

And it is a problem related to IF


Oh my bad, is it an issue relating to infinite flight or the forum ?


It seems to me like it’s to do with the app


I’m sorry about that ! If I’m not wrong you can’t change that actually @Dovid_Bakkar

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Yes it is support for the app lol

but i don’t want to log in with facebook anymore i want to be able to log in using gmail but of course with the old account standing and rankings merged of course …

does this make sense ?

yep i was talking about the app it self not the forums

yes its to do
with the app

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so i’ll need to start from scratch again then ? creating a new account ?

you mean my facebook account?


Thank you for contacting support. We look forward to helping you resolve this and you’re welcome to private message me all info.

Currently end users cannot change their Live credentials. It is advised to use a Facebook or GooglePlus credential you plan to keep long term. If you have an unplanned or an unavoidable problem requiring you to change your credential currently assigned to your Live subscription, we will need you to accomplish the following steps:

  1. Create a new User Profile with the new Facebook or GooglePlus credential you wish to use.

  2. Send me a message with a complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt. No statements or banking information will be accepted.

  3. Indicate the old profile user display name (not email please) and call sign.

  4. Indicate the newly created profile user display name and call sign.

Your previous stats and progress will be transferred to the new account. In rare cases, some user’s stats will be unable to successfully transfer to their new account. Replying with the above information is your acceptance to the possible risk of lost stats.

Thanks and we look forward to getting you back up and running!



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