Change of google account keep stats

I have been using Infinity Flight on one google account on android device.

Now I have a new google account and I cannot log in to the online. I have bought the app again one the new google account, but when I want to subscribe to an online account the purchase keeps failing.

I wonder if it is because my original Infinity Flight account was made on another google account. But I want to keep my stats?

Please help.

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Same interest here. I want to fly with my Tablet and Phone but it wont work despite using 2 different accounts.

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Please check the “About Support” category description for instructions on how to proceed.
I changed the whole category description to add a lot more detail about how to best make support requests, what to include, when to PM etc.

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I used my old account that I want to use my new one.

Please check the “About the Support” header of this category. There’s instructions on how to proceed.

Here’s the About the Support category link but the pasted format is wonky for some reason which is why I didn’t just paste it in.

Hello there you will not keep your stats from a different account. All your information is kept on that one account so if you create a new one you will have to buy everything again. I’m sorry if I’m wrong

I haven’t heard back yet from anybody? Did you change your mind?
If you need help recovering you account I’ll need you to provide the things noted in This link to the “About the Support” category. Send via PM to me @David
Don’t post here because it’s your private account details. :)

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