Change Number Pronunciation

I am aware of this. However, I would sat the majority of peiple are here for realism. Of course, I don’t know, that’s just a guess.

This guy made a video for a feature! It doesn’t even matter what the feature is, I’m voting lmao


I’ve been making videos for a long time. So honestly, I could bang that out in literally, 5 minutes. So, it wasn’t a big deal! 😀
Thanks for the vote!

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Just really cool to see this something very different from the traditional featuer request.

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I think you can do the same thing when IF coded A to be said “Alpha” on callsigns pronouncements

Nice point! Or how it use to say american two thousand three hundred and ninety-one.

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There is an assumption as to why I think we don’t use it as often is because we also commonly use the group form of numbers in Callsigns. For example, DAL1543 would be pronounced Delta fifteen forty-three (SWA445 would be Southwest four forty-five) and saying these numbers in group form is not going to confuse those words. So yes, we are taught to use them but it’s very rare that we use the individual numbers for many transmissions as opposed to our callsign

Okay, yes, that’s how it is in North America. In Europe, we mainly do pronounce numbers individually. For example, Speedbird tree eight papa. We never really - of course there are exceptions - say Speedbird thirty-eight papa. So, I suppose it would sound weird in the states to have this feature,…

I get where you’re coming from though and this sim has so much to go in order to truly get to the level of realism that I believe you and I would both like out of it but that’s a journey we’re all taking. We still need buildings, vehicles, a more expanded ATC vocabulary (hopefully will improve with the 20.1 update with the SIDs/STARs), and pilots who follow realistic procedures

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This is pretty minor, but you can actually make it be pronounced as niner etc with the iOS pronunciation function. But all other aircraft on frequency will hear it as the usual nine. I believe Android has something similar.

Yeah, I tried that bore.

“This is only proven to work with iOS 10.2”…
Yeaj, a liitle out dated. We’re now on iOS13.
I have tried that before, it doesn’t seem to work.

It works for me thou!

What iOS are you on? I might have to give it another go…

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I’m on iOS 12 on my iPad. I will try it with 13.

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Yeah, that could be it. I’ll try again and have a look.

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