Change log in credentials.

I need to change my log in credentials. I don’t mind having to pay a new subscription but I would like to keep my stats. Please let me know the steps. Thank you

Sorry, could you elaborate? Are you trying to change your username?

Or your bio, or are you trying to create a new account?

So you want to change to google or Facebook?

Currently end users cannot change their online credentials. It is advised to use a Facebook or Google credential you plan to keep long term. If you have an unplanned or an unavoidable problem requiring you to change your credential currently assigned to your Live subscription, please contact our support staff at with the following:

  • Display Name and Callsign of account you wish to change credentials on
  • Complete purchase receipt of subscription
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I believe I used Facebook for my subscription. I’m no longer using Facebook due to hacking so I was wondering if I need to change the credentials to log in

Perfect, thank you

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