Change language

Hello everyone,
I have a question.
Did someone know how to change my language? I saw in the Appstore few languageS, but I don’t know how to change.

Thank you!

English in the only available language.
The App Store shows tons of languages, don’t know why actually…

The stores show device language setting supports. Not app language. For some reason they don’t word that very clearly and it confuses a lot of people. At any rate, there are no app settings to change the language. English is considered the language of aviation, and that is one reason why it’s the only option in the app.
Maybe in the future at some point more can or will be supported, but I honestly don’t know when or what that may be.


Oke, thank you for the information =)

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Well, I am german and I have german as my ATC voice and I did not change anything. I would love to know how I can change it to English, because seriously, this german voice is literally driving me crazy and it’s just horrible.
Please respond :))

is your default language german on your phone?

yeah, but I’ve already fixed it by now :)

How you fixed it? I am also German and the Atc voice is horrible when its half englisch and half german.

It may be advisable to avoid necroposting.

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