Change in the rudder/break button behavior at ground after the last update

I notice a small change in the rudder/break button behavior at ground after the last update. Before, if i turn left or right and open the map, the aircraft will continue turning while i am looking at the map. After the update, i notice it stops turning once i open the map. Anyone else notice that ?

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When I try it, it keeps turning.

Like Jan said, I still get it to keep turning (both directions). Sometimes though I’ve let go of the rudder too early (before the map “catches it”).

You didn’t specify the device you were using.
Earlier I only checked iOS.
I now also checked Android and you’re right.
This only seems to have changed on Android.

I’ll make sure it gets looked at.

Thanks for reporting this.

I knew something was up with this.
I just couldn’t place it.
Turns out it’s only on Android.
I’m using too many devices. 🙂

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On my android it still works.

The reason why I was unable to put my finger on this issue is starting to make sense now.

It seems to be device related as well.

The S23 Ultra is behaving as it should.
The Tab S8 Ultra is showing this issue.
Both devices have the same Android version.
The S10+ is also showing this issue.

So what’s up?

What devices are you using @EGhossein and @adit?

I have a Samsung S20

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I have iOS and I have this

Which device and what exactly are you experiencing?

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iPad Pro 6th generation 12 inch 2022

When I use rudder on the ground and then open the map then the rudder is stuck and the aircrafts keeps turning, sometimes it suddenly turns aggressively

That is exactly what is supposed to happen.
The issue is that on certain devices the aircraft stops turning and/or braking and suddenly goes straight when the map or ATC menu is opened.

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oh I’m sorry I accidentally misunderstood

This is what i had before update and what we need. Now it stops turning

Galaxy A70 (past due:)

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