Change in the grading system

I was just wondering. Now that people are going to have long hour flights, and gain more xp while being inactive(because I’m sure you won’t be there for like 7 hours staring at your iPad). Would the flight time xp required to rank up increase, or would an entirely new grading system be created. I think one possibility if we were to keep the same system would be to increase the xp and flight level required for each grade, but either reduce or keep the landings the same.


I was thinking that this might happen. People could do 5, 10 flights and get straight onto expert.

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I’m sure XP levels will have to rise dramatically.

So would flight time, because if that’s not increased. Everyone will have the flight time required to reach grade 5, then they do a bunch of touch an goes to get the xp. In my opinion they both should rise.

Landings though won’t qualify them.

Then if they are automatically qualified for everything else except for landings. Why not make the grading system just based on landings xD

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Could make all landing except APPR count. ;)

Appr is technically still a landing, you need to do all the landing prep by yourself, it’s just the controlling which the computer does for yo

I know, one could dream though. Lol.

I dont think people stare at their screen for seven hours.

Never said they did. Read op lol.

Perhaps some grading requirements for a filed flight plan.


Maybe, instead of rising XP, they could make so that every minute of flight is worth much less. So instead of flying 30min and getting 300XP, you would fly 6 hours and get 300XP

Wow, no.

That’s horrible. Worst case scenario it should be a reduction of 2 for 300XP/1hr with bonuses awarded for flying TS or Expert as well as graded landings.

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It’s just an example

Yes, but you went completely to the extreme with a 12 fold reduction.

Yes, but it’s an example. Just to clear up the concept

It might be based on if you have a forum account 🤔
Now that would solve a lot of problems

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What exactly do you mean?

Like if you are active on the forum