Change in HUD vs cockpit camera positioning

Hello, this is something I’ve noticed with 22.1. Not sure if it was done intentionally, but it is definitely different from the last version. There seems to be a discrepancy between the cockpit and HUD view camera positioning. I’ll attach some screenshots from various planes.

Previously I’m guessing the HUD view was in the same place as the left seat, so from both views you would want to be slightly left of center. Idk it’s kind of hard to describe this well but take a look:

Center, if not slightly right of center

Left of center


I don’t have pictures from 21.8 but I think the hud view should be from the same POV as the cockpit view, in this case the hud view should be slightly left of the centerline.

I believe the position is correct. You are on the center line and the HUB is following that. In the cockpit, it is the same thing. I don’t think the HUB view follows the captain seat view. But I could be wrong.

In the last version I’m 99% sure the HUD view was the captain’s view, but I could be wrong. Something just feels off about the new HUD view. After all, you are never flying an airliner from the exact middle of the cockpit.

you could be right but I don’t usually fly in HUB view. But from the times i did, i thought it was in the middle. Bc if i was slightly left then my plane would be on the left.

Alright had to dig deep for this one. The first two pictures were taken pre 22.1. I tried to line the aircraft up in the same exact manner. You can see in the new pictures, the HUD view is more to the right. Sorry for being so nit picky but this has been throwing me off and I’m curious as to whether this was an intentional change.

Pre 22.1 photos


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the first ones are zoomed so we can see better

The second one, the HUB is slightly left meaning u were not on the center line. That’s what I see.

My point is that in both old and new, the cockpit views indicate the same alignment, but the HUDs indicate different.

hmm, let’s wait for a developer to give us a little more insight.

There were intentional adjustments to the HUD camera. It’s now portrayed such that the little tip of the “V” is dead center (more or less).

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Great, thanks for clearing things up.

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