Change faceboock acc on IOS device

My brother and I want to share the same account with a pro sub on two different IOS devices. Is it possible? Because when he tries ti enter with facebook, he only has the option to choose his account without Infinite flight pro subscription.

You can have the same account on two devices but you will not be allowed to use them at the same time (ie only one of you can be using the account at any one time).

I believe that you even cannot be logged in on both. You can only be logged in on one at any one time.

Can a mod confirm if what I have said is correct?

You can. You just can’t use the account at the same time.

@Daguilo2005 the reason for only have an account accessible on one device at a time is to prevent having multiple devices on the same account and farming landings/XP.

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Yes I know, but I wanted to have my account logged in in two devices so we don’t have to share one device every time we want to fly. We wouldn’t play at the same time, I know that is not possible.

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Oh ok. Yes that’s perfectly fine. However when you are done with one device - I would log out just to ensure the app doesn’t misbehave on the other device.

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