Change ETE to Dest time to reflect Hr:Mn:Sec

Currently with Fuel Remaining it always shows that in Hr:Mn format while the ETE to Dest will change. It will show Hr:Mn when appropriate but it also does Mn:Sec when appropriate too. There is nothing wrong with the fuel warning system when you don’t have enough fuel to get to your destination, it is inconsistent with the fuel remaining.

Example: ETE to Dest is 10 minutes 30 seconds, fuel remaining is 6 hours (again this is based on current fuel flow, which in turn is based on a lot of things). Fuel remaining will show 06:00 while ETE to Dest will show 10:30. Both displays will still be white but the formatting is inconsistent in my opinion. If I didn’t have miles to distance also in the info bar I would think that I’m 4 hours short on fuel and that there is a glitch with fuel remaining (because it’s not red showing me that I am short).

I think it should be Hr:Min:Sec or just flat out Hr:Min and disregard seconds just to be consistent with what the fuel remaining is telling you.

You said it, it is because of the current fuel flow. I think it makes perfect sense. Not to mention that your fuel flow will decrease as you progress your flight. To be honest, if you’ve done your flight planning right, you shouldn’t really need the fuel remaining thingy. At least in my opinion.

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What if you encounter unexpected variables that can use more fuel than you did plan?

completely agree with this

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Right as long as you know how to plan it you will be fine but I was using that as an example to point out the inconsistency on the clocks that we see. If fuel remaining is always shown in HH:MM that should be the same for ETE. It is HH:MM when 1hr00m or greater and when it is 59m59s or less it reverts to MM:SS. It is like looking at a row of bottles of water in a vending machine and seeing one position being priced in US Dollars and the one next to it in Pesos.


I think it is about adding more “accuracy” with the limited space that there is. If they only have two numbers they can put (X:Y), but then X is 0, than you might as well shift it to include more information, as displaying the value of X is useless as it is 0.

That really depends. Not only you take enough fuel for your trip, but you must add 30 minutes, the alternate fuel, and more extras. Even then, you should really plan ahead on things like winds. It is entirely the pilot’s responsibility.
Anyway, that is irrelevant to the current topic.

May I ask how that is “Irrelevant to the current topic” when all I was doing was responding to something you said that is in fact relevant to the current topic?


What I said has nothing to do with you. Just that me going into more details about how flight planning is the responsibility of the pilot would be irrelevant to the feature request about a “clock” in the bottom bar.

You have a good point that is probably the logic behind it but I still see it as inconsistency. I’d rather see it was 00:05 instead of changing formats.


It comes down to personal preference in the end, as it is about whether you prefer accuracy or consistency. I think accuracy is more important in this context, but I see how someone could think otherwise.
Maybe there could be an option left for the user to choose which one?

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