Change end of ATC message depending on time of day

So we all know that when IFATC approves a pilot to change frequencies, the message has “Good day” at the end, by default, so what if we could have that message change happen automatically in the game, based on each time zone. So if someone is flying WSSS-KEWR, and it’s 9pm in Singapore with IFATC, the frequency change message would say “Good night”, and if there is IFATC at KEWR when the flight arrives, the frequency change message would say “Good morning”.

Neat idea, but everyone has the option to change their time zone in game so I don’t know how it would work then.


dang it, should’ve thought of that 🤦‍♂️


Good day is applicable no matter the time so makes sense why it’s used. If users didn’t have the option to change the time on their own then it would be very neat to see!

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