Change ATC Playground to ATC Practice?

I often hear that Playground Server has turned into a Free Flight Server which I tend to agree with. I wonder whether part of the problem is the name?

Calling the server a ‘playground’ may send the wrong message, despite there being an explanation for what the server is supposed to be used for.

I wonder if a slight name change may make a difference? Something like ATC Practice or ATC Training?

Just a thought . . .


I think it’s okay, it’s just not a lot of people use the report user button.

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I find it appealing. Maybe “intermediate” server. It should not only be ATC related since pilots practice there, too.


I like your thinking, that might be a good idea.

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That’s what great about a name change. Sends a different tone about the type of environment one should expect on that server.


Like advanced is a good name and free flight is better than something like mess around server!

Lol I’ve been forgetting to use it

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It’s a playground, it stays one.

The difference …

(Playground). ---- ( Practice )



I’m not saying it will definitely make a difference with trolls etc. I just think that the word ‘play’ suggests an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than for a serious or practical purpose. For me, the word ‘practice’ more accurately describes what the server is supposed to be for.

Hate is a strong word, but I hated flying/controlling on PG. Its unfortunate that pilots/controllers never reported pilots who clearly were not following directions.

I’m so glad that I have become an Advanced Controller, plus I get a pretty big hammer (ghosting option) if a pilot decides not to follow instructions.

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The reason why I don’t fly in advanced is that I’m a bit fearful of the ghosting.

  1. I tend to over speed a little.
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You won’t get ghosted for speeding only a violation if your over 250 airspeed when under 10,000 :)

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Oh Ok thanks for telling me. i may start flying there.

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It’s a lot of fun everyone listens and atc ONLY GHOSTS if there is a good reason and if you’re not listening… Follow the rules and instructions and you will have a good time.

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I think there would be a difference because playground sends the message of you can do whatever you want and not listen like little kids playing on a playground. But practice sends more of the right message where you can make mistakes but learn from them like if you were playing sports. It may not make a huge difference but it’s a start


I’m not ever going to fly on Advanced. I have a “heavy foot”! I have a need for speed on the ground and the air. Nothing like a 60 knot taxi! Then to take off and get going 400knots at like 4,000 feet! So, in conclusion, I like going fast.

Yeah all of the time I do follow ATC’s commands. The only time I may not is if I’m on a left/right downwind and they tell me to switch to a right/left downwind.

I’m pretty sure that never happens on advanced but I’m not advanced atc so you’d be better off asking someone that’s advanced atc

Ok thanks @Justin_Gonzalez

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