Change Anxiety

All, as we are on the cusp of 20.1 I would to share a note with you about change. With every change comes anxiety. We all may be very excited for 20.1, but we also may experience some anxiety with the new features. For example, right now you have your process; filing a FP, copying it to IF, requesting push back etc… but with 20.1 that might change, which might cause frustration, which then might make you miss the old version. Reason why I am saying all this is because these feelings are normal and will pass. With every transition comes a period of pain but then we learn, grow and move faster in the long run. My two cents…


I get what you are saying. I always get anxious when a new update comes out, because there are so many new things to learn, most of the time a new layout to your controllers, and so many things to get used to all over again.

I agree with you 100%. When Infinite Flight changed its UI, a decent amount of players were unhappy and wanted the old one back. Guess what, no one is complaining now after having some time getting used to it. All of the upcoming changes are there to make Infinite Flight a better simulator and those changes might take some time getting used to. After a while, however, one starts to appreciate the changes and see how much better they are than older versions.


That’s absolutely normal. But change is necessary! We all love new features even if they replace the old ones we loved. Just be happy 😉

That’s why you check over #tutorials before starting a flight when a new update as big as this one is released, even though you know the order of something it might have changed, many do get anxious when a new update is on the horizon, but the best thing for you if that happens is, just relax, don’t go straight into a flight, learn how to utilize the new features, once you think you know, go into solo quickly, do a quick test if everything is a go, then off to expert, and best part no anxiety

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Valid point. As @Maxim said above, it’s all about adapting to those changes. In addition to that, the staff and proficient community members will always create #tutorials to enable the users to familiarise with new features. All I can tell you is to keep your calm composure even as you cope with the new features.

@Spartandefense. MaxSez: Thank you for the psych lesson. Am sure most of use are mature enough to accept 20.1 at face value and motor on.

Keeping this topic aviation centric just a reminder; For Pilots the periodically administered airworthiness health certificate has a mental health diagnosis included in the procedure. I’m hopeful all here who apply for a pilots ticket or its renewal will pass the examination well into the future.

G’day, Max

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