Change airline’s callsign to match their ICAO/IATA airline code

Currently you can create your Airline callsign here:

For this examlple you would spawn in and your callsign would be American 615 and ATC would read out your callsign as American 615.

I’m proposing that instead the callsign would display as AAL615 but ATC would read it out as American 615, just like it is in real life.

If you try to make your callsign AAL615 in the other section “general aviation”, it reads it out as Alpha Alpha Lima 615.

Airline codes list:

It’s a small detail but I think it would add to the “realism” and decluter the map/data tags. It’s one of the main reasons why I don’t use the Airline callsigns.

This would apply to all airlines of course.

Not a bad idea…
You’ve got my vote 🙂


I would love if I can put letters with numbers to.
Because they do it IRL:)

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It would be worth it just to hear Jetblue and it being B6 shown.


Yeah wouldn’t that be cool.

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That’s awesome! You’ve got my vote! I have noticed this since I started using this simulator. Simply just add the letters out to the side of the airline when selecting the callsign. Now the tricky part is programming it to actually state the airline name while flying with the callsign.

Example: DAL2365 show up across everything as it is but would be stated as Delta 23 65.

What do you think @Trio?


I removed my vote for KAL 787 for this.


I see what you mean. I think this would be a good idea.


Yes, that exactly.

Here’s a list I provided:

Should apply to all Airlines in IF that you can make a callsign for, in that menu. I would use the Airline callsigns all the time if the change was made.


Great idea! You got my vote.

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Sound like a great idea. Adds more realism to it.
I’ll see if i can remove a vote for this one 😁

Edit: Voted 👍


This added realism would be great! but it might be confusing for non hardcore pilots.

They would adapt and learn.


Great idea, will also reduce the mess on the map when you’re in a busy airspace and it’s all covered with long airline names.

I see what you’re saying. But what is the need for this?

@GolferRyan look above your post. One of the reasons. Also read my post. The other reasons.

Yeah I see that but I’ve never said to myself “dang I wish these long callsigns would go away.” So I didn’t think it was needed

Wait, would it be IATA or ICAO?

It would use ICAO code for the airline. Changed the title of the feature request.

Hm, ok, thanks! It would be nice to maybe have a setting where you can choose whether you want ICAO or IATA, but ok.