Change account, Pro Subscription

I subscribed to the wrong account, I need it to be transferred to my main account, Can you help him?

Incorrect Account
Username : IFNI_Ram001
Call Sign : D-RAMM

My main account
Username : RamAviator001-YT
Call Sign : N990MS Heavy

I ask you to please move it to the main account, thank you …

These cases are handled privately via email, please contact Infinite Flight support on :)

Sebastian usually checks the forum for tickets like this too. We’ll wait for him to respond here since the OP shared the Callsigns for the account recognition and transfer. He’ll close this once everything is sorted.

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Oh, ok. I just went for what is usually said here ;)

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No worries, some times we have users that would prefer to communicate here instead of email but it’s the same phenomenal support cast staff managing both :)

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It’s been corrected now! :)
Just make sure to restart the app and sign in correctly and you should be good to go!