Chances of seeing MD11 In IF?

What are the chances of seeing MD11 in IF. They are really 50-50 because a lot of people are requesting it but will the devs consider it. Let me know in the comment what you think of the MD11 being in the game!

btw mods please dont close this i want to see peoples opinions! :)

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It won’t help since the mods will close if it is a duplicate


Think it would be a good addition but it could take some time to properly develop it, especially when at the minute the focus is on creating Global Flight.

don’t think its really a duplicate, however as there are several MD11 threads running I don’t think this is a worthwhile thread as already been discussed!

MD11 = FEDEX and that all. Other compagny have stop fly with… dev don’t see the interest… (my opinion)

Wot about KLM MD11, it’s the greatest

Although the MD11 would be cool to have, Global is the top priority at the moment. Rightly so.

Literally who knows