Chances of a Helicopter being added to IF?

This isn’t a request! This is just simply a genuine thing I’ve wondered for some time now and would like to see a discussion of…

So, what are the chances of a Helicopter making an appearance on IF?

I feel like in terms of the appearance, it can’t be too different to a propelled aircraft with how the blades on a helicopter would work. The c130’s, cessna’s and Bombardier dash-8 all look great when the engines start up. The physics would be different yes, but would this ever be a in game feature that we could make happen?

For a while now i have thought it would be great to see the incorporation of a helicopter in IF. However, especially a Chinook, man that would be so cool… Imagine being able to slap those blades down an airfield with the ramp open.

Let me know what you all think :)


Please please please please NO


As i just said, it’s not a request… 🤦 Read…

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It’s coming soon.


Be careful. This was a April fools joke.


Ha I remember that. Beautiful


Or was it… 👀


Dann 😂 i just fell for it.

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I know, im expressing my resentment of helicopters and begging they dont get added

The idea is good but not on IF

How come? The apps name has ‘flight’ in the name, I’ve always wondered why should it specifically be restricted only to planes and jets?

Even if helicopters are only to be used in the casual server where they wouldn’t have to be monitored through ATC…

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IF needs to focus on other things, no point in adding a heli if there are larger issues

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I m a g i n e

I think helicopters are quite cool and would be a fun thing to play around with including some expanded horizons. Problem is, and I can likely say this for the majority of people in that it would be nice to have and play with, but I wouldn’t actively use it.

For IF in general, it is quite a risky decision also because of the issue that IF has only focused on fixed-wing aircraft and never rotary, therefore development is likely to not be very practical. Combine that with the fact that more people want other things a little bit more at the moment, and you get quite a low probability as far the near future is concerned. Who knows though, maybe the more distant future will hold some surprises.

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the greatest april fools joke is the one thats not a joke


I like the idea of helos. But imagine at KLAX with active ATC and a lot of aircraft. Then the aircraft would have to wait longer since a heli would take longer to clear the airport

My only question would be how the physics would work. In my experience, helicopter physics don’t do so well without having a joystick. Not everyone using Infinite Flight has one.

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So was Global…


But Real-World procedures are applied on servers like Expert, so helicopter operations would mimic real life.


Personally I would love to have helis in game. One thing though is there are many different types of helicopters, like there are planes. Would it just be a small R22 or would be get something bigger like a Chinook?

All theoretical of course

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