Challenging weather in EGLL ( Closed)

Clueless. If the gusts are 20kts, which way do you think the wind is.

Sorry if I’m not a PRO but your descriptions are terrible. My life isn’t dedicated to aviation so I’m not a pro as you so eloquently put it. Now I’m not trying to get in some sort of scuffle here, so let me just say. IF your struggling in anyway, practice on so mode and gradually increase the wind speed/turbulance. It’s the best way to practice.

Secondly, if you want help, arguing your way through it really isn’t the answer. If the topic was a generalisation letting people know about the weather great.

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I don’t know. There is not enough information in that description to tell me whether relative to the runway the wind direction is mostly headwind or tailwind. Without knowing the wind bearing any suggestion it is one or the other is simply assumption, and assumptions have no place in aviation.

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Seriously? This is how you treat fellow users?

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Right that’s it.
Let me clarify.

You started this topic saying “turbulance is high, challenging for a small plane”. You didn’t do any of the following:

Wind speed.
Angle of approach

So you then go onwards in conversions and its reveals its in fact 20-25knots. Right?

You then post:
Replicating the conditions, put Turbulence on extreme and then gusts 25kt on a slight angle to the runway. Makes wind shear a very real possibility. Please feel free to post videos.

This makes very little sense. You could have easily put Headwind/Tailwind in there.

Now your simply abusing forum members and being extraordinarily arrogant. I’m not an expert, but if you need help and if your a professional pilot…
How about shedding some light politely, or editing your topic accordingly.

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Why is that relevant for starters?
Secondly, if you feel you have achieved your goal, get a mod to close the topic. Otherwise it’s here for PUBLIC OPINION.

Taken to PM

I don’t know. What is the wind direction and what is my runway heading?

14 knots is nothing to me

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