Challenging weather in EGLL ( Closed)

Nah, that’s nothing. Last FNF had 190kts @ KCLT.


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Sounds like a mad glitch?

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It was! But it lasted for like 10-15mins at it was great fun! :)

Rolling Of The Floor…hahahahaaha

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You need a little more practice, 14knkts becomes very manageable with practice.

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I mentioned turbulence not wind speed.

Replicating the conditions, put Turbulence on extreme and then gusts 25kt on a slight angle to the runway. Makes wind shear a very real possibility. Please feel free to post videos.

Ok. When you say angle are you referring to a head wind or tailwind?
Because your not supposed to land against a tailwind that strong.

To the runway means headwind. Behind/away from runway would be tailwind. I would have thought a pro would have known this.

Have to say I was equally confused by the phrase “slight angle to the runway”. It means there is a small angle between the wind direction and the runway, but does not describe the direction, i.e. headwind/tailwind. I am not surprised @ChiefPilotLachy wasn’t sure, pro or not.

If you fly IRL you know the phrase, angle to the runway is headwind. Apologies if this caused confusion.

Angle to the runway applies either way though, both a headwind or tailwind can have an angle to the runway. There are angles both ways!

Can you point to somewhere that does use this term IRL and defines it as exclusively referring to headwind?

im not going to argue with you. Usually land into the wind :)

Of course you do, no one is disputing that.

I just want to learn and it would be great if you could provide me with some information discussing what you said so I can help my understanding.

Please try to avoid make multiple topics for the same thing


If another pilot said to me on the apron, watch out for the gusts 30 degrees to the runway I would know that the 30 degrees could only be left or right depending on which direction ATC/the windsock told me

Yes, by definition all angles are to the left and right of the runway heading. The question was about headwinds and tailwinds though.

Clueless. If the gusts are 20kts, which way do you think the wind is.

Sorry if I’m not a PRO but your descriptions are terrible. My life isn’t dedicated to aviation so I’m not a pro as you so eloquently put it. Now I’m not trying to get in some sort of scuffle here, so let me just say. IF your struggling in anyway, practice on so mode and gradually increase the wind speed/turbulance. It’s the best way to practice.

Secondly, if you want help, arguing your way through it really isn’t the answer. If the topic was a generalisation letting people know about the weather great.

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