Challenging Route in Europe?

Someone can tell me one of most challenging route in EU ? Thanks

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Is this infinite flight related or are you gonna fly in real life?

Have a look at LOWI in Austria, it has a challenging approach in Real life and IF …


Yes I’ll fly it

Courchevel arrival. TBM 930 is your go to aircraft


LPMA is an airport quite hard to land on. You need to take a sharp right turn for the final approach.


LSGS: Sion
It’s a really challenging approach because you need to descend really late at a high VS due to the mountains

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Yes Madeira is a quite a nice approach which takes a lot of skill. I guess it could be considered challenging.

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Only runway 05 is challenging as you enter right base very late, runways 23 is straight in arrival pretty much.

Madeira is only challenging if the wind is at or near the limits which makes both runways challenging in certain conditions.

The procedures for both runways are fairly straightforward.

Abu Dhabi to Zurich. I was flying real time (it was night time in Switzerland) and as I was descending, I literally couldn’t see the mountains ahead as it was very dark, and it doesn’t show on the IF map. Long story short, I unknowingly crashed straight into the tip of the mountain.

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Try to approach in Gibraltar, its a little airport between a mountain and the city and close to water or try this one,
From Luxembourg to Madeira ; 1563km (Q400 Luxair) {approach into Madeira with some crazy crosswinds} AMAZING.

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It’s still a challenging approach

It’s just like flying half a visual circuit.

Definitely!!! Altiport Courchevel, there is no go around!

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