Challenging KASE weather right now!

Visibility 5km runway 33 in use Xwind 11knots and changing


What sever?

I was using PG but isn’t the weather all same in all servers

I think they are because it’s based on the weather IRL.


Yes that’s true

So it has to be the same for all servers.

So if there was 170knot wind in KTOA (SoCal) thats in IRL?

I believe so…gps approach runway 33 Xwind with less than 5km visibility…?yes

First of all, this topic is not about the wind in KTOA. To answer you, that was bug.

Anyway, I might go and visit KASE… Love challenging weather! :)

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Sorry it just changed…back to normal…funny thing about weather…it never lasts forever

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You sound like a 9th grade science teacher with that line lol.

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