Challenging flight route

Hi im really bored of the same boring flight that is just the same no mountians and all of that so i wonder do you have a challenging flight route?

Fly at VNLK

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VNTJ-VNLK deals with a lot of terrain if your looking for that. Challenging approaches. I linked a cool airport list below if you wanna try making routes into those airports just so you get an idea.


I recommend flying to Almaty in Kazakhastan, it’s an original flight with very different and unique scenery ! (UAAA)


If you want some challenging approaches in the States, fly into Eagle County/Vail (KEGE) or Apsen(KASE)!

Some routes into Eagle

  • ORD-EGE United 737

  • DEN-EGE United CRJ-700

Routes into Aspen

  • DEN-ASE United CRJ-700

  • SLC-ASE Detla CRJ-200/700


Happy flying!


Fly to Lukla in Nepal

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Do Kathmandu(VNKT) to Paro(VQPR) or Wellington(NZWN) to Queenstown(NZQN). Careful what you wish for lol.

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