Challenging Approaches

Samos airport, but it is not that challenging.

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FHSH…try St. Helena and if you are up to it, use the 757.

Rocky, middle of the ocean and short run way.

It’s a rewarding experience.

Most exciting with TOGAS or touch and go


Will definitely try both of em thank you so much👍

Sounds really interesting will try it, I always love seeing the alps😊

I’ll give it a go thank you for the suggestion😀

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Sounds very challenging I’ll attempt it thank you for the suggestion😊

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How has no one said PAJN yet? Juneau airport in Alaska.

Extremely challenging approach through the snowy mountains, you fly a visual following the river, than do a very sharp turn.

Right before landing, there is a hill that you must avoid.

I really recommend everyone to try it out.


Definitely try VILH (Leh Airbase). It’s a super challenging high-altitude visual approach, and involves a turn around and between two mountains, to end up on final. Bonus: now that it’s 3D, it’s an even more exciting approach!

You can take the following aircraft there:

  • Air India A320
  • SpiceJet/Jet Airways 737-900
  • Indian Air Force C130J

Here are some charts and a guide to help you out:


Tivat/LYTV/TIV. Great scenery and both runways have a challenging approach. On 32 you make 20 degree turn just before landing and on 14 you make the circle to land approach.

You can fly there with a few airlines. Here are the ones that we have in IF.
easyJet: London Gatwick (319/320), Geneva (320), Manchester (319/320), Berlin Brandenburg (320)
Fly Dubai: Dubai (738)
LOT: Warsaw (738)
Eurowings: Düsseldorf (319)
Luxair: Luxembourg (738)
Lufthansa: Frankfirt (A320), Munich (319/320)
SAS: Copenhagen (320)
Jet2: Manchester (738), Stansted (738),
Norwegian: Helsinki (738), Oslo (738)

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Try Queenstown(NZQN)

With mountainous terrain with a short runway make sure not to smash into any terrain or overrun.

Air New Zealand uses their A320s from (closest) Christchurch

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My own list of challenging approaches

Airport Code
Dubrovnik LOC only or VOR 12 and circle to 30 LDDU/DBV
Split circle to land for 23 LDSP/SPU
Calvi - Sainte-Catherine (circling 36) LFKC/CLY
Chambery - Visual 36 LFLB/CMF
Skiathos LGSK/JSI
Samos VOR/DME & circle to 09 or 27 LGSM/SMI
Madeira Funchal LPMA/FNC
Mostar (IGS or offset LOC 33) LQMO/OMO
Innsbruck LOWI/INN
Salzburg circling for 33 LOWS/SZG
Bern - circling 32 LSZB/BRN
Samedan LSZS/SMV
Tivat - LOC for 23, or NDB or circle to land 14 LYTV/TIV
Gibraltar LXGB/GIB
Toncontín MHTG/TGU
Queenstown NZQN/ZQN
Bogota VOR or RNP visual 31L/31R SKBO/BGO
Cochabamba - VOR 14 SLCB/CBB
Hong Kong Kai Tak rwy 13 VHHK
Tribhuvan Kathmandu either 02 or c-to-l for 20 VNKT/KTM
Paro Bhutan VQPR/PBH
Washington National - river visual KDCA/DCA
JFK - visual rwy 13L KJFK/JFK
La Guardia visual expressway 31 KLGA/LGA


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I’d say the most challenging one is VQPR, as the runway is very short, and the approach through the mountains causes you to circle between valleys!

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Sorry didn’t see it scrolling through the reply’s.

I’ve already marked your comment to try in the future.👏🤟


NZWN or NZNS in the Cessna 208. Prepare for some nasty crosswind.


Try VILH/IXL - Leh, India

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Challenging for a few different reasons, here are my picks for US airports;

KJAC, Jackson Hole for a high altitude short runway.

KBUR, Burbank for a very short runway and a terrain laden visual approach to runway 15.

KEGE, Eagle County for a lot of terrain, offset approach with a steep GS.

KJFK, New York JFK 13L/13R for the Canarsie approach is a lot of fun.

KDCA, Reagan Airport river visual to 19 is good fun plus a tricky low level turn onto final.

KLGA, La Guardia expressway visual to 31 is good fun, effectively a localizer approach to 04 with a circle to land on 31.

KGPI, Kalispell airport RNAV Runway 20 approach is a long, descending right hand turn with high terrain all around.

KMDW Chicago Midway has short runways all round and quite often is blowing a hoolie. The runway 22 approach in particular is slightly more challenging due to an offset to avoid conflict with KORD traffic.

There are plenty more but none are springing to mind right now, but hopefully you find some challenge in some of these.

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VMMC 16 is cool!
LFMN 22L also, with large aircrafts of course.

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