I keep seeing St. Barths landing challenge from a while ago… why does fun stuff like this not happen again and if it does can it happen more often?


Hey there!

You can make your own event just like it in #live:events!

Events are a great way to connect with community members and are made by Community Members for Community Members as a way to bond, fly new routes, challenge each other, or show new compassion for something! Please keep in mind you must be TL2 (you are TL1) to make an event, so keep liking, commenting, and posting meaningful topics to reach that! To make your very own event check out the following posts:

How to Make an event by Balloonchaser:
This includes everything you need to know about making an event!

Rules about the events category:
This is the rules of making an event. These must be followed!

A Great “Example” Event:
This is an example of a really well put together event!

Information on Trust Levels:
Trust levels are a standardized way of seeing experience in the community! You must be Trust Level 2 (TL2) to make an event

Events are really awesome and there are so many talented community members such as @Pingu that make great events! Please let me know through a PM if you need any more help! Have a great day! ;)


Hey! Thanks for the help will reach for tl2 and this if the first thing im doing !

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