Challenges on the casual server

I do most of my flying on the either the Training Server or Expert Server. It’s only really at the start of the game you fly casual or when you’re ready for a mess around.

I would like to focus on the mess around part of the sever.

I propose, at special airports (airports that have a distinguished difference that makes them fun to fly into) that there are challenges tailored to the distinguishing feature of the airport. After the challenge is attempted stats and a score show up on a pop up message like the atis and vnav ones and are uploaded to a leader board. This will advertise these cool airports to be used more frequently. Aswell Hopefully bringing people back to these airports and encouraging healthy competition and bringing people together.

Some additional notes:
I believe that this could be used in solo and probably would work better but it’s more fun flying with friends
I do not intend for these to be in places of higher density flights like KLAX, EGLL as they would inhibit efficient and professional flying, as little as there is on that one hell of a Server.
Focusing on more special airports away from higher density centres will hopefully draw in the pilots who are afraid of the messiness that the casual sever can contain. It will diversify the traffic aswell. Hopefully majority of the people can respect the pilots that want to actually use the intriguing airports. idea is to incentivise competition, communication and diversify the experience making it better for all

Pharo international airport, Bhutan.
I think this video explains why this airport can be difficult normally

A lot of you have probably heard about this airport. Have you wandered if you could land there at night, what’s the biggest plane I can land, how smooth and/or short can I make this landing in an a319, can I land on the touchdown markers and stop before maker A on the runway, can I land there from point a with no engines. The possibilities are endless and I know some of them sound like something you can do by yourself but it would be nice for the game to be able to record these kinda stat’s and upload them to a leader board

If you have any ideas for airports and why, please put it in the comments. I want to encourage discussion from everyone to create the best well rounded idea. Thank you, your favourite beverage

This would be more of a solo feature or something to be shown in a “playground” server


The casual Server has the lowest percentage of flights usually and I would say is regarded by most people as a playground Server anyway. The focus of the idea is to be away from high density centres on the sever and also by hopefully adding a few double ups around the world will not allow airports to be packed out. By doing this hopefully it doesn’t intrude the people wanting to fly on the casual normally (swooping and klax and egll) can and if they find these interesting airports they can participate in the challenges.

I think this is a great idea you have my vote

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I actually have a vision of drag races with planes… Wouldn’t that be fun?

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Roanoke Regional (KROA) has a supposedly challenging approach on 34 due to the layout of the mountains and valley floor. When I was growing up there, theyd being the Air Force 1 plane in about once a month or so for touch and go practice and would generally go in and out for 2 or 3 hours. That’d be a cool one if they could update the terrain there a bit